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Reverse Island

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Escola da Cidade / br Brazil
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Caio França Santos
Juliana Katayama

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Cultural Y Espectáculos

The Reverse Island aims to make a poetic fusion of all the elements that constitute and characterize the city of Venice today. Venice is famous for its beauty, subtlety, ability to overcome challenges and competence of reinventing itself. Only it got an extraordinary way to prosper on a miserable plot of land and between an immensity of water. Simply an ancient historical city was able to build up such urbanity, architecture, history and culture as it is.
The current 117 small islands of Venice, separated by several canals, give rise to one of the most significant city’s personality’s elements: their transpositions. Taking advantage of rudimentary technology, and even the most contemporary know-how, the transpositions of Venice became a reference for millions of curious people who intend to understand the history of the city, its operation and its proportion. Thus, The Reverse Island aims to reinterpret these transpositions, proposing a direct and unexpectable passage between two of the most important areas of the city, the steeples of San Marco and San Giorgio Maggiore. But this time underwater. Then the Reverse Island connects tradition, transformation and accessibility in a public place able to support a unique art gallery as Venice is, a city that has proven uncountless times dexterity in exploring its territory.
Submerge the gallery and provide a new promenade under the Gran Canale is the proposal to give people a new look and contemplation of the territory. The water as the environment is the main element of this project, such for propose a new experience for the visitors, as for the conservation of the skyline.
The Reverse Island itself is an extensive tunnel that connects the two sides of the Gran Canale, connecting through an expository promenade the Piazza San Marco to Piazza San Giorgio Maggiore. On this tour people can enjoy works and other arts interventions camouflaged with the marine environment that surrounds it completely. Along the way, visitors have the incredible experience of entering a large room inside the water, which houses a subtle multimedia auditorium and a vast public place for other activities, without interruption, without hierarchy, democratic and surprising.
There, you can also appreciate one of the most characteristics phenomenons of Venice, the tides changing. Inside the gallery, there is an inverted meter tides, able to reproduce within the space the incredible phenomenon Acqua Alta and their seasonal variations. Abroad, this meter tides reproduce an elegant and exciting water hole in the center of the channel, locating the Reverse Island and swallowing water that even the most fearless Venetians browsers would fear.

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Reverse Island
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