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RE_think the empty spaces of the city - U.A.S Arganzuela

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universidad europea de madrid / es Spain
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This particular UAS is desing to produce vegetables and fish to supply a block of 350 people anually by a sustaintable system. The system is desinged so can be extrapolated to any city in the world by changing the enviroment variables.

Todays post-industrial society has caused a major shift in the nutritional and sustainability framework for humanity, in particular for those individuals residing in major urban centers. Major urban centers have become a focus for consumption with little to no food production. The current structure has created an structure of dependence and unsustainability, where the average urban dweller and urban center heavily rely on external factors for their daily food intake.

The purpose of this project is to present a solution to the current nutrional-paradigm by giving urban areas more autonomy over their food intake, improving their quality of diet and life and a more sustainable outlook in this arena, all with some very-beneficial side-effects such as a better urban landscape and organic means of waste disposal.

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Great! Congratulations!

Rivelus Maximus

Gracias a ti Javier, ha sido una muy grata experiencia :)


Rethinking space for all guys and guile is encouraged for the depiction of the appliances for the works. The space of the empty nature and is visited for the role of the signs. the function is passed for the infliction for the empty spaces for all offers.

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