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Reach x La Pan Tan

RuTA - 1103
Lund University / se Sweden
4 members
Matthew Bryan
Linnea Lujak
Marjorie Yeo
Nicholas Hartman

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A productive farmscape for centuries, the rice terraces of Vietnam’s Mù Cang Chải province are now a burgeoning destination for visitors from around the world. Tailored to geography and climate, the terraces are valued for their unique cultivation of rice and—moreover—beauty. Their aesthetic merit has invited tourism to become a potential major industry for the region, a source of hope for the local, agrarian people who still remain. Though, developed without sensitivity, tourism
may prove harmful to the region. The discovery of its beauty could be the initiation of its demise.

Our proposal, like the apt introduction of tourism alongside agriculture, is concieved as a respectful addition to existing structures. The project is not a singular object
but a type for modest development, one which embraces and echoes the humility of the region’s native hut.

A map of the huts around La Pan Tan becomes a network of present infrastructure and potential sites. The relationship between existing hut and auxiliary structure—
between host and guest—is to be a symbiotic one. As guests reap the merits of the region, their stay is a source of supplementary income for hosts.

In reaching La Pan Tan, one experiences a series of moments. The architecture is a conscious embodiment of the host-guest relationship, and a frame to beyond—a
metric of one’s proximity to the terraces.

Our reach is reverential, a longing to shake hands with the landscape.

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