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Pure Power/Daily Combat Strategy for Water Harvesting

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Tamkang University. Master of Architecture / tw Taiwan, Province of China
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Hong-En Lin

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In Africa, where it is difficult to get water from a long distance, many people need one to three hours from their homes to the water source, but the water they can get is muddy and muddy. One of the main causes of death is that they drink polluted water for a long time, and the harsh environment prevents them from getting water through other means. However, these polluted waters often contain high levels of bacteria and parasites, and drinking them can lead to illness and even death. Therefore, I propose this design, hoping to solve the problem of water resources in Africa, and to improve water access, clean drinking water, and food hygiene in Africa.

In terms of construction, local bricks and wood are used as the main materials of construction. On the roof, the wooden structure is combined with a weaving device that collects dew, and the weaving technique and the wooden structure are intertwined to form a structure that echoes the concept. The roof cladding covers the structure, the waterproof layer (PVC) and the dew-collecting layer, which can collect dew in the air in the early morning, and collect rainwater in rainy days, and store it after being filtered by the filtration system.

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