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Pulse of the Mediterranean

MESC - 1312
Graz UT / at Austria
2 members
Christopher Satler
Lukas Jakober

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Pulse of the Mediterranean

The proposal of the MESC is dedicated on experiencing Ibizas rich natural environment while creating a new sea access possibility at a unique position. Clung onto the the rocky cliffs and expanding both on the sea surface as well as inland make it the ideal observation point to experience the islands characteristic nature. When you start your journey at the highest point of the cliff, you find yourself surrounded by pine trees and the picturesque landscape of Ibiza. From here, a slowly descending path is taking you down to sea level. With every further step it´s offering a variety of different views on the island, the cliffs and the sea. Finally, getting closer to the ocean, the path is transforming into a peer. At its end, the peer is cautiously dipping into the Mediterranean where you find yourself in an exposed position, surrounded by the ocean, giving you the chance to see the coast from a perspective that is usually limited to sailors.

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