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Universidad Central de Venezuela / ve Venezuela
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Rebeca Andrea Tovar Batista

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lat. porus = opening
A very small opening on the surface of your skin that liquid comes out through when you sweat
A small opening on the surface of a plant, a rock, etc.
the capability of a porous rock or sediment to permit the flow of fluids through its pore spaces.
After the study of the Arab city, the way in which it was inhabited, built and its ability to adapt. We can takecertain considerations, which better represent inhabiting. In this way and with certain characteristics of different cities over time, we can create, which after several attempts, we would call poro-city. With purpose to have a permeable city, public and private connections, which will have an introspective character. We designed a scheme that we call “the onion”, in which we proposed different layers of privacy. Scheme that we use for the housing module.
However, after several reflections, we decided that the city should be, a set consisting of various “onions”, where each would have various programs that would allow the city to function as a mechanism. This way, a set of intersections and insertions between onion and onion is created, which allowed us to create spaces, sets of heights and private and public connections of different scales. Represented that Arab city that did not allow the meeting door to door, but it did encourage interaction among its inhabitants.
Poro-city, is a city based on the concept of pore and permeability, a city that breathes and transpires. Completely open, allows its inhabitants to connect through the public space, which is embedded with their homes. Same way, the city seeks the purification of all its resources, where it not only produces for self-sufficiency, but also for the different cities

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