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Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria / pe Peru
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Exploring the possibilities of educational architecture through the relationships between people, place and learning, the development of modular schools is visualized. These modular schools for fifteen students have two floors of seating. The first level for ten students, while the next level is for five students. Three of these modular schools make up a hexagonal school wrapped in wooden structures that allow the entry of light for better teaching and also hydroponic cultivation.
The rope climbing games connect the classrooms creating at the same time the amphitheater for outdoor teaching. They also connect the levels, allowing children to climb. Therefore, it stimulates motor skills in children, as well as imagination and group play.
There are integrated functions such as rest, play and exhibition in the interior environment which are grouped in public areas along the façade receiving visibility to participate and invite. The private areas located at the back are teaching spaces where students are trained in modules. It reduces contagion in pandemic events.
These two areas are divided by a wall that works at the same time as seats for the students of the classrooms in the private areas, as well as spaces for interaction and reading in the public areas.
Visual connections are maintained in the different functional areas allowing a stimulating spatial experience. Likewise, the relationship between the interior and the exterior remains fluid due to to the exterior wooden structures, the permeable walls that divide the classrooms and the structures of the climbing ropes.

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