Silvia Perea

Silvia Perea

Curator of art and architecture


Silvia Perea is a curator of art and architecture. For the past years, she has organized exhibitions on topics ranging from photography to industrial and graphic design, modern textiles and architecture, which have been featured in numerous articles and documentaries. Perea holds both a Master´s Degree and a Ph. D. in Architecture with Summa Cum Laude from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Teaching, lecturing, writing and researching add to her professional background.

Perea was Adjunct Professor at Columbia University, New York, and has taught Studio at universities of Europe, Asia and South America. Papers by her have been selected in symposiums held in the US, Brazil and Spain.

Perea has also worked as an editor of the magazine Arquitectura Viva and is currently a regular external editor of Domus. Additionally, articles by her have been featured in media such as Architectural Record, Arquitectura COAM, El País, GQ, Potlatch, Minerva, as well as in numerous digital publications. Throughout her career, Perea has been awarded prestigious fellowships from institutions such as AECID, the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Caja Madrid Foundation. Since 2008, she lives and works in the US.

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