Santiago de Molina

Santiago de Molina

Professor of Architecture at San Pablo CEU University in Madrid


Santiago de Molina Rodríguez is an architect, having graduated from the ETSAM in 1997, and a PhD cum laude in 2001, with a doctoral thesis about `Collage and Architecture´, awarded with the extraordinary prize of PhD studies of the UPM. 

He works both as a practicing architect and a professor. Since collaborating in Rafael Moneo’s studio from 2001 to 2007, he maintains his own practice. He is currently a professor of design studios at the San Pablo CEU University of Madrid. 

He is director of a research group called “context in architecture” and director of The Master in Advanced Studies of Architectural Projects CEU (MASAP). He has been visiting Professor and Guest Profesor in UAX, ETSAM, ESAYT, ETSAS, ETSAC, UIMP, ESNE in Spain, and PUC and UDP in Chile. He has written several books, "Arquitectos al margen", "Múltiples Estrategias de Arquitectura", "Collage y Arquitectura", and has coordinated "Diez lecciones fundamentales de Arquitectura". Also several texts for journal on architecture. 

He is editor in chief of “múltiples estrategias de arquitectura“ (, considered as one of the three most influential blogs on architecture in spanish since 2011, 2012 and 2013.

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