Pedacicos Arquitectónicos

Pedacicos Arquitectónicos

Architecture blog
Collaborator of Arquideas


Created in 2011 by three students of architecture from Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (Enrique Parra, Antonio Navarro and Juan Francisco Martínez), Pedacicos Arquitectónicos began as something very different to what it is today. It began as a file of works and projects which evolved little by little, until it became that which it is today; a file of experiences and curiosities where the reader can discover or re-discover Architecture.

From its beginning, Pedacicos Arquitectónicos participated in a lot of events with others bloggers, and its continuous activity has encouraged more and more followers to read the blog. Thanks to those followers, in 2012 Pedacicos won the AIDDIA award, which is awarded to the best blog of architecture written in Spanish. In 2013, they obtained third place which was awarded by both readers and the AIDDIA judges.

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