Paulina Peña

Paulina Peña

Winner of VOF Norway competition


Paulina Peña, student in Universidad nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), is the winner of our Viewpoint of the Fjords (VOF) Norway international architecture competition for students and young architects.

Responsible? Loyal? Committed? Unique? Weird? Creative? ................... Yes, that's Paulina.  

Architect with Honorable Mention by the UNAM Faculty of Architecture in 2017, she have always searched inspiration from her travels and international experiences. During her studies, she made an exchange at ETSAM, Spain 2016 and at the UNAM Canada 2018. Her passion for other cultures led her to master French, Italian and English and even to realize an Aeronautical Career at the Aviation School Mexico in 2014.  

Since young, Arq. Peña stood out for the quality and inspiration of her productions. She has participated and won different national and international mentions, such as: Diplomas of Academic Achievement to University Merit (UNAM,2015); Digital selection of the Gallegos Unit (ETSAM, Spain 2015); Digital selection Campo Baeza (ETSAM, Spain 2017); ARMX, Expo (Campeche,  2017); Honorable Mention to the XXXIII National Prize for Architectural Composition "ALBERTO J. PANI" (UNAM,2017); Selection Award ABRAHAM ZABLUDOVSKY (UNAM,2018); Honorable Mention, selection 30, 1st Prize FELIX CANDELA (IESARQ, 2018); Selection Yearbook 2018 (UNAM FA, 2018); French Language Immersion Recognition (UNAM Canada, 2018); First prize of VOF NORWAY (Arquideas, 2019).  

In the professional field, she has been very fortunate to collaborate in different studios such as JOA in the participation of the Holistic & Luxury Spa project TRECE CIELOS (2016-2017), UNAM Faculty of Architecture as an Assistant Professor in the 5th and 6th Projects Area (2017) and VMA collaborating in the following projects: Terminal 1 Aguascalientes Airport, Fraction 2 Executive Project, La Mexicana Park and Monterrey International Airport Competition (2018). 

In her last moral and ethical work for society stands out the participation in the Emerging Brigade 19s organized by the UNAM FA after the last earthquake of 7.1 in Mexico (2017). 

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