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Ottagono is a monthly bilingual magazine distributed in Italy and around the world. The creation of the journal in 1966 by Arflex, Artemide, Bernini, Boffi Cassina, Flos, ICF De Padova and Tecno stems from a strong Italian industrial design tradition.

Ottagono is currently reinventing itself while at the same time confirming its expertise by responding to the growing interest that contemporary architecture and design arouses amongst an ever-increasing audience.

The current historical period requests responsibility, reflection and speed. As a time-honoured magazine, Ottagono enthusiastically welcomes this challenge and strengthens its position as a dialogue platform between companies and designers, a place where new ideas come to life, a space for growth where disciplines combine and perspectives meet, generating fertile soil for intuitions and alternative solutions.

Innovation – in its broadest sense – and multidisciplinarity play a central role in the formatting of the new offer. Traditional themes are addressed with curiosity and a thirst for discovery, which transforms the news-reading experience into a much deeper and reflective one. Ottagono researches and identifies innovative design areas in order to function as a change-stimulating instrument. It narrates our country's stories with depth and a global perspective on the ongoing trends.

We strongly believe in our profession and in the power of top quality products; at a time of information overload, Ottagono constitutes a means to stop and nourish; a container not only for news but also for contents.

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