MoAN Egypt winner team

MoAN Egypt winner team

Diego Botella, Álvaro Jiménez, Omar Páez y Yacme Mangrané


We are Yacme Mangrané, Diego Botella, Álvaro Jiménez and Omar Páez, architecture students in the Universidad de Zaragoza. We met us in 2012 when our studies in architecture began. Three years after we decided to enlarge our horizons and, taking advantage of the Erasmus programme, we studied our fourth year abroad in various Europe Countries.

Yacme chose to study in Germany, namely in Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie, Diego went to Italy, to the Politechnico di Torino and Omar, together with Álvaro, decided to move to Poland and study in the Politechnika Wroclawska.

The Erasmus programme allowed us, inter alia, get close to different architecture methodologies, in addition to develope proyects with students from other countries. This was a fulfilling experience that helped us to respond architecture challenges from various perspectives, all of them valid.

Nowadays we are coursing an enabling Master Study in Architecture in the Universidad de Zaragoza, combining that with practices in several studios from the sector.

In the near future we would love to keep learning, working and developing our research in other countries, at least for the earliest period of our professional career.

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