Idom UK

Idom UK

Engineering, Architecture and Consultancy services


Idom was founded in 1957, as a result of the effort and unifying work of the engineer Rafael Escolá (Barcelona 1919 - Bilbao 1995).

With the support and help of Luis Olaortúa (1932-2003) and other young engineers, Rafael Escolá made Idom what it is today; an Association of professionals, united by work and the common ownership of the firm, cooperating together to achieve greater human and professional development, while offering the best service to the Client.

The Client is and always will be Idom's priority (reason to exist). For this reason, technological development, the introduction of quality systems and the inclusion of new activities are the tools for providing the best service and permanent satisfaction of the Clients' needs.

Idom is employee owned and as such values and strongly encourages the personal and professional development of its employees, who are considered the principal assets of the company.

In addition, our Firm carefully protects and maintains its professional independence, a strategic factor that contributes to improved service.

Technological innovation is understood by Idom as the conversion of knowledge into the enhancement or creation of new services, products or processes; serving not just to improve Idom`s own internal processes but also its application for the client in their processes and products.

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