Guillermo Hevia

Guillermo Hevia

Founder partner of GH+A Guillermo Hevia Arquitectos


Architectural Degree from the University of Chile, with honours

Diploma in Sustainable Architecture from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Founding Partner of GH + A - Guillermo Hevia Architects

Founding Partner of BIOTECH Chile Consultores Ltda.

Office partner Guillermo Hevia Architects, GH + A (1983) has been oriented to architectural design in various areas and in bioclimatic architecture development, developing projects in Chile and abroad.

In the areas of Industrial, Services, Corporate and Sustainable Architecture, has been a pioneer in solutions for large complex and individual examples, for which has been recognized and awarded at national and international level.


GH + A researches and develops new construction and sustainable architecture designs that incorporate BIOCLIMATIC Technologies (geothermal, wind), energy saving and environmental protection. On these issues he has been a national pioneer and has achieved successful results, which are subject of study and analysis on academic and professional level. Recent projects have been selected for outstanding publications in Chile, America, Asia and Europe, obtaining awards and recognition.

Some recent bioclimatic works or under construction:

1.       Ahumada S.A. Drugstores, Distribution Centre and Warehouse - 2004

         "First International Environmental Architecture Prize" in BAQ 2006, Quito - Ecuador

2.       Cristalchile Llay-Llay, Bottling Factory  -  2006

          "Bronze Medal International Award” III International Biennial of Miami (USA)  - 2007

          “First Prize for the Best Project of 2007" in Plataforma Arquitectura (web) - 2008

          "Highly Commended International Award" WAF -. Barcelona / Eng - 2008

          "Best Project Award” XVI Architecture Biennale, Santiago - 2008

3.       Almazara Olisur S.A., Sn. José de Marchigüe - La Estrella, VI Region - 2007-08

                "Shortlisted in the Iberoamerican Biennial Award 2010 - Medellin"

4.       Social Block Building and Granary Factory, Region VI - 2008

          "Project of The Year 2009 Award" Hunter Douglas - Holland

5.       Almazara OLIVOS of LLANCAY, San Pedro, Melipilla, R.M. - 2013

6.      LSST Observatory, NOAO - USA, Cerro Pachon, - IV Region Chile  -  2009 -2018


-          Workshop and Diploma Teacher in 5th year at the University of Chile.

-          Workshop Teacher in CAP, FAU - University of Chile.

-          Workshop Teacher in 5th year at the Mayor University (2002-2004).

-          International Workshop Teacher - Cartagena – University of the Andes (Colombia).


From 1998 till nowadays Guillermo Hevia participates in several seminars and conferences of architecture and sustainability in South America and Europe.


2010       President of the XVII Architecture Biennale of Chile

               "8.8 Re - Construction"

1999-2005        Director of the Chile College of Architects.

                       1997-1998        Director of the Architecture Offices Association - AOA.


2015     CAROZZI, Building of The Year 2015  by Archdaily, Industrial Arquitecture Category

Bioclimatic Project: Carozzi Complex.

2010     White Mountain Chilean Contemporary Architecture Exhibition, EADES – Berlín - Germany

Bioclimatic Project: Carozzi Production and Research Food Centre., LEED Certificate.

The best 12  Chilean projects in the last 20 years.

2010     Finalist in the Iberoamerican Biennial of Architecture, Medellín - Col. 2010

Bioclimatic Project: Almazara Olisur, Region VI.

2009     First Prize of the International Astronomical Observatory LSST Competition

Very Large Synoptic and Recognition Telescope, Cerro Pachon, VI Region

Under construction

2009     First prize of the International Award "Building of the Year 2009"

Bioclimatic Project: Nestlé Social Block, Granaries

2009     "Gold Medal" International Award

International Biennial of Miami, USA

Bioclimatic Project: Almazara Olisur  

2008     Highly - Commended Award  in World Architecture Festival (WAF Barcelona)

Project CristalChile Llay-Llay, V Region.

2008     Outstanding Architect Award

USACH School of Architecture, Santiago of Chile University.

2008     First Prize "Best project of 2007" Plataforma Arquitectura

Bioclimatic Project: Cristalerías de Chile S.A.

2007     International Prize "Bronze Medal"

International Biennial of Miami, USA

Bioclimatic Project: Cristalerías de Chile S.A.

2006     First International Prize "Environmental Architecture" BAQ 2006

XV Panamerican Biennial of Quito, Ecuador.

Bioclimatic Project: CD Farmacias Ahumada SA, Santiago - R. M.

2005     "FERMIN VIVACETA" AWARD - Chile College of Architects.

1993     International Prize "New Generation of Architects"

Biennale of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Project: Wenco S.A., Santiago - R. M.

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