Emiliano Armani

Emiliano Armani

Architect manager of cultural and educational programs at Fundacio Enric Miralles


Architect licensed by the Polytechnic School of Milan (IT) in 1999, he also studied at the ETSAB UPC of Barcelona and the Architectural Association in London.

Since 2000 he has been teaching at the ETSAB UPC of Barcelona, the ESARQ UIC and LA SALLE of Barcelona. He has been invited on numerous occasions in both academic frameworks to Buenos Aires, Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, Milan, London, as well as public occasions at “Festival of the Mind” (Festival della Mente) in Sarzana (IT), the “Wonderland” festival in Vienna (A), and the UIA2008 congress in Turin (IT), and many others.

As independent architect, since 1999, he has been working on several projects, mostly in Europe and South East Asia, form single-family house to large territorial plans for touristic development and urban growing.

His interest for urbanism and contemporary habitat has been increasing in the last years characterizing his work as teacher and researcher (PhD fellow at UPC University, Barcelona). He's currently managing the cultural and educational programs of the Enric Miralles Foundation.

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