Eduardo Cilleruelo

Eduardo Cilleruelo

Winner of IOA Venice architecture competition


Eduardo Cilleruelo Terán is an Architecture student at the University of Alcalá. Always with a proactive attitude, he understands that any success is the result of maximum effort. He defends the importance of context and history as the main protagonists of architectonical design. About his university period, he has completed several research projects and competitions. "The Vertical City" is the title of his latest work, he analyzes the conditions of the future city in a hyper-densified world and the new tower cities.

He has won the first prize of student category in the international competition IOA Venize where he proposed an essential architecture in relation with the city. Recently he received the First Prize in PIAM Matimex in the Student category with the project titled "The School of Art in the Old City", a meditation of architecture and its historical context. He has also combined his academic stage with other academic and professional experiences. In 2015 he worked in T8 Arquitectos (Chile) at the competition for the new Masterplan for the port of Valparaiso.

In 2016 he worked for Rafael de la Hoz, where he has worked in various projects and competitions as the Real Madrid Offices competition. Nowadays, he is finishing a Master of Hiperrealistic Architecture in the CICE while he starts the Master of Architecture (MArch) at the UAH.

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