Diana Wiesner

Diana Wiesner

Head of Arquitectura y Paisaje EU


Diana Wiesner is founder and director of Fundacion Cerros de Bogota (www.cerrosdebogota.org) and Head of Arquitectura y Paisaje EU office (www.dianawiesner.com).

Professor of Architecture at Universidad de Los Andes (Bogota).

She is member of the Planning Council of Bogota as a representative of the civic and ecological organizations and she represents it at the Landscape Council of Bogota. Member of Ateliers Internationaux de Maitrice D'ceuvre urbaine (Paris) since 2012, Jury member of Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe Awards (IFLA) since 2012 and laureate member in Green Planet Architects in 2013.

Her work has been awarded with several prizes, from which highlight the Acknowledgement Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction (LA) in 2008 and the World Landscape Art Exposition award (China) in 2013.

She has developed over 245 hectares of public space, 130.000 m² of architecture design and 69 hectares of projects in public space.

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