CPSP New York winner team

CPSP New York winner team

Chiara Lippi and Camilla Grillone


Chiara Lippi and Camilla Grillone are the winner team of the Central Park Summer Pavilion (CPSP) New York architecture competition.

Chiara Lippi (Massa, Italy, 1991)

She is enrolled in a MSc at the Politecnico di Milano and attending a double degree program with Politecnico di Torino. During her study in Politecnico di Milano she has had the opportunity to become in contact with many international architects and professors, participate to many international workshops and been encouraged to develop a personal and critical architectural thought. She is currently attending the professor Sejima’s studio and starting her master thesis project. Previously she graduated with honour in the University of Florence and she has just finished an exchange period at the ENSA Lyon, during which she met Camilla.

Thanks to her path of study, she has been able to develop her own critical vision on the contemporary architecture and to understand the necessity to conceive the architect as a multidisciplinary figure that should be able to face with different fields and situations. Therefore, she is deeply interested in developing and reasoning on project strongly related with the urban context and the difficulties and challenges derived from that. She really believes in the importance of history and the deriving urban assets that influence new architectural projects. After her studies in Politecnico, she would like to go on with her own research, travelling, working and studying abroad.

Camilla Grillone (Genoa, Italy,1993)

She is completing her master degree in architecture at Università degli Studi di Genova - Scuola Politecnica.

She is deeply interested in conceiving architecture as a tool for “help the others”, designing projects with simply but useful technology. This attraction is given by her experience in Africa where she built, in a small village, a host structure with the help of the inhabitants, using only local resources. For her architecture is not just a form of matter but a people’s matter, which means create spaces for a better living. By the way, she has an eye for developing utopian projects, which aim to give a new image of the city, while remaining rooted on the urban context.

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