Ariadna Cantis

Ariadna Cantis

Architect, critic and architectural curator


Architect, graduated at Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid. Ariadna Cantis is an architectural curator, critic and author. Her work focuses on the communication and dissemination of urban planning, architecture and design. Divides herself between the promotion, research and commissioning of architecture and contemporary culture engaging herself in various projects, exhibitions and publications, in order to generate a critical dialogue on the limits of architecture and contemporary art.

Is a correspondent for the publishing house ACTAR and magazines like A10, Summa, ARQ, “G Dossier, PISO, DOMUS. Is also collaborator for the spanish newspaper El País.

Since 2000 is the curator of the research program Panorama Emergente Iberoamericano and the commissioner for the 2006’s FRESHMADRID, FRESHFORWORD and REFRESH exchange platforms for emerging architects at Matadero Madrid, Centre for Contemporary Creation.

Since 2009 is the curator of the project FRESHLATINO, a platform to promote Iberian American architecture sponsored by Cervantes Institute.

Developed in 2008 the project PIENSA MADRID held in La Casa Encendida, Commissioner of Mataderolab, Nominated expert for the Mies der Rohe Award 2009-2011, member of the jury of the AEPD Awards and member of the scientific comity of Festival eme3, Chief Curator of Arquia Proxima program 2012 at Caja de Arquitectos Foundation, finalist Chief Curator Lisbon Architecture Trienal. Has participated in numerous exhibitions, conferences, and seminars in: Buenos Aires, Brussels, Bogotá, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, New York, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Porto, London, Bucharest, Belgrado, Nueva Delhi, Beijing, Shanghay, Lyon, Tetuan, Tunez, Sofia, Sydney among others.

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