Andrés González-Meneses

Andrés González-Meneses

Winner of CaVA Arizona architecture competition


Andrés González-Meneses completed his Masters of Architecture at ETSA Madrid in 2015. He studied his fifth year of architecture at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. He stands for an architecture that respects the landscape and its context - one that is able to achieve harmony with nature.

He has won the First Prize in the international competition Canyon View Accommodation (CaVA) where he proposed a non-intrusive touristic complex in the Grand Canyon, Arizona. Previously he won the Second Prize in the international competition Site Landmark, for which he designed a lookout point for visitors to contemplate the landscape in Sagres, Portugal, the most western point in Europe. He has recently also won the Second Prize in the international competition Site Dwelling, where he designed a secluded space for pilgrimage in symbiosis with the ruins of Sant’ Ana Chapel in Salir do Porto, Portugal.

Combining his academic and profesional experience in Chicago, Madrid and London, Andres currently devotes his time to participate in new international architecture competitions.

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