Ana D'Apuzzo

Ana D'Apuzzo

Architect, artist and designer


Ana D’Apuzzo (Switzerland)

Award wining visual artist, architect and designer. She has a M. Sc. degree in architecture. Currently in research of the connections between contemporary art, design and architecture in theory and practice, trough various media: digital and classic combination of techniques in her Studio d’arte e architettura established in 2011 in Ascona, CH. She is currently living and working between Switzerland and Japan as a guest professor in several universities.

Contemporary architect, artist and designer. Dipl. engineer of architecture, with a master degree in the field contemporary architecture. Currently in research of the connections between contemporary art and architecture in theory and practice, trough various media: digital, oil on canvas, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, ink, combination of techniques.

She currently lives, paints and works between the two shores of Lago Maggiore.

Born 1978, Krusevac, Serbia
1989-1997: School for talents "Milo Milunovic", Krusevac, Serbia
1997-1998: School for talents "Sumatovacka applied art school", Belgrade, Serbia
1998-1999: ARCO Art Academy, Lisbon, Portugal
1999-2004: Faculty of Technical Sciences (FTN), University of Novi Sad, Serbia
2004.June: Master degree in Architecture, FTN, Serbia
2004-2006: Magister study in Architecture, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
2011.July: Opening of Studio d'arte e architettura, Ascona, Switzerland
2016-2017: Course on Architecture and Art Philosophy, Harvard Graduate School of Design, USA
2017-2018: Course on Design and Fashion Philosophy, Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA


- Oil and acrylic on canvas
- Water color on paper
- Digital 3D art
- Mixed media on canvas and paper
- Pen and ink drawing
- Architectural drawing
- Fashion and costume design

Awards and competitions (a selection)

- Finalist at "Perspective Mag Award - 40 Under 40 Creatives", Hong Kong, HK, 2017
- Saatchi Art "Artist of the Day", London, UK / Santa Monica CA, USA, 2016
- Finalist at "The Plan Awards - Special Projects", Milano, Italy, 2015
- First price at "Lelo UnDesign Award - Painting", Hong Kong, China, 2014
- Finalist at "The Art & Science competition", Los Alamos NM, USA, 2011
- Finalist at "Prix Emil Hermes", Paris, France, 2010
- Finalist at "Create the Void", Guggenheim Museum, New York NY, USA, 2010
- First prize at "Pittori in piazza a Caviano", APST, Switzerland, 2010
- Finalist at "Black&White by Coco Chanel", Ringstrassen Galerien, Vienna, Austria, 2010
- Mention at "Reconstruction of Square Kosturnica", Kusevac, Serbia, 2007
- Mention at "Restructuring an rural space to enhance identity", Rome, Italy, 2005
- Special prize for architecture at "BID Zone Krusevac - Mercy Corps", USA, 2003
- First prize at "Red Cross Art Contest", Yugoslavia, 1990

Exhibitions (a selection)

07.12-10.12.2018: Enlightening, Akita Museum of Art, Aikita, Japan, solo exhibition
23.11-25.11.2018: Enlightening, Cross Terrace, Morioka, Japan, solo exhibition
09.11-11.11.2018: Enlightening, Shoboji Temple, Oshu, Japan, solo exhibition
08.06-08.07.2018: Designing Complexity, Dpt. Arch., Univ. of Novi Sad, Serbia, collective exh.
08.04-08.07.2018: Galerie Messmer, Riegel am Kaiserstuhl, Germany, solo exhibition
09.11-11.12.2017: Life sensations 3, S-PAL, Sendai, Japan, solo exhibition
04.09-11.09.2016: Life sensations, Nanshoso, Morioka, Japan, solo exhibition
01.09-08.09.2016: Life sensations 2, Kawatoku, Morioka, Japan, solo exhibition
31.03-21.04.2016: TAE Foster Pride - Trygve Lie Gallery, New York NY, USA, collective exhibit.
21.12.2015-21.01.2016: I.M.Kolarac - The Music Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, collective exhibition
18.05-20.05.2015: Perspective 2015 - MiCo, Milan, Italy, collective exhibition
22.12.2014: Shelter/AAF II, MORIJYOBI, Morioka, Japan, workshop and installation
20.12.2014: Shelter/AAF I, IMAIZUMI, Koriyama, Japan, workshop and installation
02.12-07.12.2014: Art Takes Miami, SCOPE 2014, Miami Beach, FL, USA, collective exhibition
12.12.2013-04.01.2014: Snap to Grid, LACDA, Los Angeles, USA, collective exhibition
21.02-20.03.2013: Sketch., Fordham University Center Gallery, New York, USA, collective exh.
07.08-20.08.2012: 3D Body Art and Fashion, Ascona, Switzerland, solo exhibition
17.04-18.04.2012: 3D Body Architecture², AIST Waterfront, Tokyo, Japan, solo exhibition
24.09-25.11.2011: 3D Body Architecture, Ascona, Switzerland, solo exhibition
15.09-15.10.2011: Drawing Connections, Siena Art Institute, Italy, collective exhibition
09.09-09.10.2011: Art calls Miami, SCOPE Gallery, Miami, USA, collective exhibition
30.07-23.09.2011: Face the Architecture, Ascona, Switzerland, solo exhibition
01.05-30.05.2011: Asin Art Foundation, Florence, Italy, collective exhibition
20.12-12.12.2010: National Theater, Novi Sad, Serbia, solo exhibition
19.10-20.11.2010: Ticino, Art and Nature, Lugano, Switzerland, solo exhibition
01.08-01.09.2010: Tourist Center, Vira, Switzerland, collective exhibition
14.10-14.11.2008: Oktobersalon, Krusevac, Serbia, collective exhibition
10.06-24.06.2007: Mp Art Cafe, Novi Sad, Serbia, collective exhibition
01.06-05.06.2006: Strosmajerowa - open space gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia, collective exhibition
05.05-20.05.2004: Multimedia Fair, Novi Sad, Serbia, collective exhibition
01.02-01.03.2004: Sava Sumanovic gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia, solo exhibition
10.05-10.06.2003: Latino Cafe gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia, solo exhibition
01.10-30.10.2004: Museum of Revolution, Novi Sad, Serbia, collective exhibition
10.09-24.10.2002: ArtClinica gallery, Minijature 2002, Novi Sad, Serbia, collective exhibition
01.05-15.05.2002: Kuca Simica gallery, Krusevac, Serbia, collective exhibition
01.10-01.11.2002: City art gallery, Young 2002, Krusevac, Serbia, collective exhibition
24.10-18.11.2000: Vreme zrelosti, Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia, collective exhibition
01.11-25.11.1998: ARCO gallery, Lisbon, Portugal, collective exhibition
01.10-30.10.1997: Milo Milunovic talent gallery, Krusevac, Serbia, collective exhibition
25.05-30.06.1997: Gymnasium Gallery Krusevac, Serbia, solo exhibition
10.10-17.10.1992: Vuk Karadzic, Art colony, Trsic, Yougoslavia, collective exhibition

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