1:100 Ediciones

1:100 Ediciones

Architecture magazine
Collaborator of Arquideas


Focusing on document the architectural production of various references in world architecture and especially in Latin America, 1:100 Magazine publishes monographic titles of relevant Architects and whose work we believe deserves to be analyzed.

We develop our publication on editing and design rules for communicating with detail and quality that the guiding concepts of the architecture of each title deserve. We anticipate and edit the titles based on the need of the reader study the works completely, both paradigmatic works as new interesting projects by formal resolution, projective, technical innovation in the construction stage, his relationship with our current reality, context and finally its contribution to our discipline.

We include in each issue all documents, photographs, sketches, notes and interviews that invite our readers to participate in the work with selected architects. This material is consulted by professionals and students throughout Latin America and elsewhere.

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