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"In 1914, one could "talk about "Chinese", "Swiss" or "Indian" architecture. A century later, under the influence of wars, various political regimes, national and international architectural movements, individual talents, friendly relations, random life paths of individuals and the development of technology, "architectures" that were once peculiar and local have become interchangeable and global. National identity seems to have been sacrificed to modernity."
National culture loses its value, uniqueness, identity are dissolved in modernity. In order to return the cultural basis to the people of the Republic of Bashkortostan, it is necessary to form such cultural sites as an ethno-complex that will create conditions for the process of reviving the culture of Bashkortostan, will attract young people to study culture, attract tourists to the republic, will have a protective function of objects of historical and cultural heritage of the republic.
Since the topic of cultural actualization is on the agenda and there is a request for such sites, I propose a model that will allow the architect, together with the customer, to create a platform for the interaction of science, culture, residents and tourists. The model includes the stages from the strategic planning of the complex, functional saturation, to the search for the visual code and the formal language of the architecture of the cultural site.
We need to draw attention to culture. The Republic of Bashkortostan ranks first in the Volga Federal District in terms of the number of objects of archaeological heritage that are not used, and tends to be lost, and meanwhile has a huge potential for the development of tourism, archeology, culture, education.

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