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Patras' School of Architecture, University of Patras / gr Greece
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iro stalika

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We are a team of 2 graduate students from Greece. Me and my good friend Evangelia Stamatiou, made this project as our final Diploma thesis in the Architectural School of Patras City.

This thesis is a hypothesis about the future of the Greek rural land and more specifically of the Thessalian rural area. The largest part of the study was carried out during the pandemic, which led to an almost totally remote study of the site.

In this context, we discovered new methods and apps for mapping areas. We created from scratch strategies that helped us identify the scope of the study and lead us to our final proposal.

The main goal from the beginning was the return to the countryside. The architecture as it is away from the big urban centers and its future.

Our proposal includes a combination of landscape and architectural design. We create different areas and zones for better land and water management aiming to a sustainable future for agricultural production in adverse climatic conditions. In adition, we create building infrastructures, which are placed within the rural landscape. Each building is designed to have a unique dialogue with the surrounding environment .

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