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OA1105 Paradigm Shift- An Interdisciplinary Symbiosis 2020

OA - 1105
Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar / eg Egypt
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hagar ataallah

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This project proposes a Collaborative co-working space that encourages interdisciplinary creativity to students and graduates through the provision of networking, outreach opportunities and inclusive as a flexible working destination.

This proposal defines a multi-layered concept designed to engender a collaborative setting among students, graduates and professionals across different disciplines in Qatar.It is a blueprint that combines Interdisciplinary studios, Co-working spaces and business incubators, to create a multi faceted proposal that promotes cooperation, collaboration and community in Qatar.
In alignment with the vision Qatar Foundation was built on this space will serve as a joint-venture between different faculties in Qatar Foundation, focusing on the fields of Business, Engineering and Arts.
Qatar National Vision for 2030 enlists human development as one of its four pillars. The proposition would be fall under the classification of human development. Specifically it would be dedicated to developing a capable and  motivated workforce, that is adaptable to an open and flexible economic structure. Therefore enabling members of the space to compete in an ever changing global landscape.
Accommodating the global shift from an employee to an entrepreneurial economy, this space encourages entrepreneurial collaboration by acting as a business incubator for not only startups, but also for individuals that have ideas that need to build teams. Therefore making the space a catalyst for economic development.
The space itself is an overhaul of the conventional co-working spaces found all around the world. Inside Qatar, it's a platform for makers to realize their ideas by reviving a modern-day Arts and Crafts movement  emphasizing the joy of work across different disciplines. One of the project's main aspects are multiple making labs that offer members equipment and facilities that encourage, inspire and ease the product-making process, in-turn catalyzing  innovation. Acting as a creative hub, the space's objective is to facilitate an applicable network with an all inclusive working environment designed to meet creative demands.

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