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Cultural Y Espectáculos

‘The streets were filled with people of all kinds, all so very excited for the release of new films.They hop from one theatre to another, just to catch up with different movies. But not today. Today goes by like every other day for the past 10 years, just like a ghost town.’ were the words of mr Chong. Working at the pasar, which once used to be an old theatre; Capitol.

Chow Kit is perceived as a mosaic of different communities from different backgrounds. There are a fair number of businesses operated by foreign workers, creating diversity in the town. However, the barriers between the different culture has prompt the foreigners to be perceived as the minors of the community, limiting accessibility to basic needs such as education itself. Negative perception of locals towards the foreigners induces a sense of alienation and exclusivity, diluting the sense of community. The values of equality and acceptance are qualities to form a healthy community.

A creative and cultural experience centre aims to be the possible breakthrough of this barrier. A place to celebrate both locals and foreigners, a platform for the diverse community to celebrate different events together. As the site sits in Federal Cinema, once a hotspot for the locals to enjoy films, the architecture will cultivate the interest in the field of creative arts. Programs relating to creative art allows for the foreign children and locals to participate, acting as a medium for expression, allowing the children and youths to receive another form of education through it. The participation of the community regardless of their cultural background allows for
cultural exchange to take place, and it will deliberately form a new sense of connection between one another.

Continual celebration of cultures allows the perception of people towards a place to change, inducing a sense of belonging and acceptance as time goes by. The site seizes an opportunity to enliven its past state, restoring the generation of chow kiT.

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