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Krakow University of Technology / pl Poland
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Natalia Jarzab

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Edificios Públicos

SNAKE- Modular school in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is considered to be one of the fastest developing African countries, but the rapid population growth and insufficient number of buildings lead to a low level of education and a worsening of the standard of living.

The main problem faced by the state is the insufficient level of infrastructure development.

Most of the traditional architecture refers to the Nomads' way of life, so they are often built of light construction, without unnecessary window openings, the reason for this was their nomadic lifestyle.

The school is the basic facility for the proper functioning of society, but in Africa only a few individuals have the opportunity to study, therefore an important aspect in designing is to understand the needs of residents and create an alternative solution to the school space and scheme.

The project is designed not only to increase the education rate of the population, but also to show how to care for the immediate surroundings, cultivate plants and animals ecologically.

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