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EscuelaTécnica Superior de Cartagena / es Spain
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Sergio Navarro

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The preservation of biodiversity is today one of the most important problems derived from the increasing destruction by humans of natural habitats, destruction that we see even in developed countries.
The project is carried out as a wake-up call to the different organizations and people to safeguard the natural spaces that are being destroyed.
It is through architecture that it is proposed to provide solutions for those areas in which the habitat is being destroyed.
The program of the building is variable according to its needs. In this case, biology laboratories are needed to solve the serious problems that are occurring in the Mar Menor in the South-East of Spain.
CIEHEA is a Libyan, biodegradable, and removable structure. Fully adaptable to different media.
It has been designed in such a way that it is self-sufficient and respectful of the environment. It can generate its own energy and has a natural ventilation system that prevents large energy losses.
The construction system is based on a prefabricated wooden structure, this minimizes its construction time to the maximum and therefore the production of pollutants and derivatives of the entire construction process.

In a planet that is going through a climate crisis, the idea that we must approach is reflection and commitment,
Caring for nature is caring for people

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