Outstanding Architecture and Design Final Degree Project Award

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university of sharjah / ae United Arab Emirates
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ibtissam  hanane

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Espacios Públicos

Over the past fifty years tourism has become one of the fastest growing economic sector in the world, Dubai is classified as a 7th top cities in tourism around the world that reaches 9.9 millions of visi- tors every year. However, the government has not yet prepared a study on walkability for tourists to walk within Dubai city. So the walkability urban is a major concern of this project. And it will be supported by improving and transforming streets, public spaces, and neighborhoods into places where people, (visi- tors, residences, communities, employees), walk more often. In this project the focal point will be along metro stations.Herein, the walkability survey was carried out to understand conditions and support users’ point of view on the quality of walking conditions on those areas which have a high density of popula- tion, with quality of development, a more pedestrian friendly circulation, and other complementary facili- ties near metro stations will likely be attract tourists and other people. The Potential improvements can be inferred through compare this project to international case studies. In order to, come up with pro- gram from Architectural and urban designs standards for this project that related to planning spaces. After that the site will be analyzed and studied from all perspectives according (climate, urban evolu- tion, road network, open spaces and etc.). Then, coming up with the concepts which are 2 scenarios, the first scenario is about urban planning. Whereas, the second is about merging the architectural and urban planning together.

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