Central Park Summer Pavilion

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The O

CPSP - 1844
Ontario College of Arts and Design / ca Canada
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As an urban park, Manhattan Central Park receives millions of people and hosts countless events and activities per year. The O aims to become one of the vital locations of the central park in respect to various social activities and performances. Driven by the goal of establishing the definition of the park, the pavilion broadens our horizon underneath the park with the concept of subliminal exposure.

The central parks’ pre-determined routes and spaces restrict the visitors from fully submerging with nature.The O plans to help connect nature to human senses in an emphasized manner. Allowing the visitors to realize the subliminal details and features of the park that are easily unnoticed. The O directs nature into intended spaces for emphasized exposure while rooting transitional, circulation, and seating spaces further into the earth for comfort and ease during viewing and socializing.

The above-ground pavilion greets the visitors from pathways while keeping itself hidden from the view/perspective of other park programs. The circulation path/ramp glides down the earth, allowing smooth access from the ground level to the program spaces. The O space creates a break from the transitional space allowing people to sit, lay down, and stand while viewing books while exposed to natural features of the environment. People can drop by to donate/leave their works, books, name cards; giving themselves opportunities to be noticed. we encourage various talents to bloom in New York through these subtle self marketing. The O hosts different events, with surrounding stair-infused seating area. levelled platform encourages people to further interact with the stage. The giant open hole above allows natural elements to surround the stage, congregational areas, and the marketing library; enhancing the experience of a subliminal exposure within Central Park.

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