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The non la pod

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La Pan Tan is one of the most beautiful natural gems, known for its jaw-dropping scenery. The rice terraces that fall over 2,200 acres are the highlight of every tourist visiting the Vietnamese mountains. Our concept assures that the rice terraces are not affected, but rather, makes sure that what is built does not intrude the purpose of the visits, but adds another reason to visit these mountains. Non La; The Vietnamese farming hat - is the inspiration to our concept, it is paying salute to the Vietnamese farmer, where each of the pods are designed to resemble a traditional Vietnamese farmer hat.

The touristic experience involves learning about the process of Vietnamese farming, the concept allows us to join the story using design elements that compliment this experience. The site was chosen to allow a crystal clear view of the rice terraces, forests and the water. The main objective is to allow for privacy and enjoyment of the view with little distraction, this is why all the pods are positioned at different levels, to allow for privacy. All the pods are interconnected through a bridge to the main entrance and building (includes a reception and restaurant). The bridge in itself is a perfect viewing spot, high enough to give you a unique experience, and is accessed through the main building to ensure exclusivity to guests.
The Non La Pod is an aesthetic structure. The main material used is bamboo - a significant symbol in Vietnamese culture... a metaphor for the resilience and solidness of the Vietnamese people. Bamboo has greater tensile strength than steel, and it withstands compression better than concrete, that’s why it is our main material. It is then covered in a ETFE membrane, used for clarity when looking outside, and easily adjustable windows if in need of extra ventilation. A pod is not like any other hotel room, it is redefining the traditional cottage to fit the needs of every guest. It includes three floors, the first is an entrance and bridge connection, the second holds the bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom, while the third floor is a private rooftop that will guarantee the best view in La Pan Tan. Adding to the cultural experience, the bridges are curved in such a way to resemble that of a Dragon’s form, another symbol in Vietnamese folklore that represents the universe, life, existence, and growth.

Overall, the countless use of Vietnamese symbolization towards this concept is enough to make it an integral part of touristic visits to La Pan Tan. It is a modern expression of Vietnamese culture. The beauty of the Non La Pod is that those passing through the mountains can conveniently visit the restaurant for a rest, and still appreciate the breathtaking views.

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