Nature Observatory of Amazonia

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NOA - 1138
ENSA Paris Val de Seine / fr France
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dumortier martin
victor jauvin

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Espacios Públicos

Like a protective ark facing nature’s elements, the project imposes its monolithic footprint opposite the horizon that is the Amazon Rainforest. It becomes a landmark overlooking the expansive and infinite green space. The project aims to become an educational tool that allows man to rediscover and understand this grand natural environment.
The project defines two entities at play: the Amazon and the visitor that must understand it. The project is the tool to understand the delicate balance between man at the foot of the vastness and what this vastness is willing to reveal.
Throughout the experience of NO.ARK, man protects himself to feel and understand the intimacy of the hostile, unknown, and infinite rainforest. It is a metaphor of a spiritual uprising: upon reaching the summit, the visitor discovers their own limits when they find themselves faced with the natural expanse of the Amazon.

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