Nature Observatory of Amazonia

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NOA - 1516
University of Cincinnati/ University of Illinois / us United States
3 members
Darion Ziegler
Juliette Zidek
Jonathan Wilkinson

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Rapid deforestation caused by logging, forest fires, cattle ranching, and agriculture has left a scar on the Amazon rainforest. As a consequence, new growth rarely gets the nutrients and shade it requires before it burns up in the sun or washes away in the rain. This proposal seeks to repair these deforested regions by replicating the conditions of the rainforest and questioning the definition of an observatory. Tree-like structures collect excess water to prevent flooding and to provide shade to the forest floor underneath. A hemp net embedded into the forest floor assists the formation of root structures and prevent nutrients from washing out of the topsoil. The canopy of the [faux] forest falls away as new growth requires more sunlight and water. As new growth climbs higher, the canopy of the faux forest decomposes completely. The flutes remain a piece of land art in the new forest and are the only trace of the original construction.

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