Nature Observatory of Amazonia

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NOA - 1512
Technical University of Lodz / pl Poland
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Katarzyna  Romanowicz
Anna Orłowska

Can you imagine the best way to become a part of a wildlife? What about pursuing the spirit of the Amazon rainforest by climbing the suspended trail, cutting through the undiscovered nooks of the wildness. The spatial path walk, interweaving with the enormous trees, provides intimate access to all the levels of the giant forest, commonly unreachable and unknowable. With each loop, a different layer of the jungle is discovered, unveiling another outlook at the surrounding. In the end, the journey rewards the explorer with a terrace, providing a viewpoint overlooking the river’s skyline.

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Finalist, Arquideas Special Prize


Andrzej Kawiński

Ale super!

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Anna Cinkowska

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