Nature Observatory of Amazonia

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adham Ismail
Aurelija Jara
Samantha Hijos

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Cultural Y Espectáculos

The nature Observatory Of Amazonia seeks to take its visitors on a journey across the amazon. Our concept is to create an experience for observation and education with a minimal to zero footprint. Mobile Air vessels transport visitors from urban areas to various parts of the forrest. Thus, the entire amazon basin and forrest become the site of the observatory. The aim of the NOA is to create a unique experience and be minimally intrusive.

Large E.T.F.E. balloons are inflated with Helium gas that is heated by sunlight and additional stored heaters. Once in the forest small structures are suspended between trees housing different programmatic uses and activities to enhance the visit and maximize views of the forest and sightings of the flora and fauna without disturbing their paths and habitats.

along the water sit piers floated on bamboo rafts lined with temporary dorming facilities for overnight stays. the dorms are inflated opaque etfe pillows.

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