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NOA - 1443
Universidad de los Andes - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana / co Colombia
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juan mendoza
Andrés  Palacios
Edgar Mendoza

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This Project emphasizes the importance of the preservation of nature and the need to sensitize people to protect the environment. For this reason, this pavilion emulates the Amazon River and its build with renewable local materials like the bamboo. In terms of the formal part the building responds with a continuous path along different expositions and the intension of create a relation between the project and the place, taking advantage of distant and close up views.
The construction takes the role of mediating between the water and the earth across the cantilever that marks the arrive place and the entrance. The empty place take the role of being a lobby without roof that create a vertical relation between earth and sky.
Through different types of planes like solids, translucent and transparent into the project, it creates different kinds of relations between the place and the pavilion, calling nature into the building.

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