Nature Observatory of Amazonia

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Because of its remote and environmentally sensitive location, the proposed observatory design is carefully thought-out so that it will not disrupt the pristine forest. The main concept of the observatory is the five layers of walkway among the trees, thus named “The Treewalk” that offer insights and intimate views of the five forest vertical habitat zones. Each layer or platform is designed as a vein system of connected loops delicately around the trees that brings people closer to nature like the water that permeates in the ground and distributes to the roots of the trees, symbolizing the significant role of the River in this region. The punctured platforms allow undisrupted various tree heights as well as sunlight to the lower levels.
The lowest layer is the Rhizotron underground that exhibits and teaches about root biology. On the fourth layer, there is a cantilever walkway that extends over the river which also serves as a “magnifying loupe” for the people to experience a new and extensive connection with this amazing dynamic river.
The observatory will be constructed near the bank of Amazon River, deep in the Amazon rainforest where it is mostly accessible by boat or foot. As a result, the materials are also considered with great care for suitable transportation and construction. Therefore, the main materials are bamboo which is abundant in the area plus locally sourced wood and Corten steel that would weather naturally, reducing the need for maintenance.
The structure will be part suspended from the trees to reduce the need for piling that disturbs the soil condition.
Overall, the five-layer design with various heights and viewing directions aims to offer the closest observation opportunity to Amazon incredible rich ecological system with the least disturbance on it.

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