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PUC-Rio / br Brazil
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Brianna Bussinger
Suzane Cunha
victor lutte

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The Amazon is caressing of local eye witnesses for the environmental crimes and exploitations occurring underneath our noses. In this exercise, we create a not-so-distant scenario, where the Amazon and its River have been exploited to its almost maximum and only a few small areas remain preserved and untouched. Its natural resources have been nearly all extracted and exported to other places in the world.

NOA is a factory that produces modules of Observatories fit to accomodate researchers and tourists to travel down the river and stop at determinate locations at its border. According to necessity, the modules can group, ungroup and regroup.

In this worst case scenario, where the Amazon has been almost fully depleted of its natural resources, the NOA modules and the activities of its inhabitants will help reactivate the importance of the existance of the forest and river and help in its re-instauration as a functional ecosystem. It is not expected of NOA to save the future of the Amazon, there are much larger forces needed to be involved, especially, in changing our consumer patterns.

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