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Politecnico di Milano / rs Serbia
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Jovana Krcmar

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The concept is based on a floating object that can change its place according to the program of the lesson. The goal is to study about how to observe and save nature. Why should we disturb it with a huge construction site and a static building, when the existing river presents a much more creative opportunity for a floating object. The whole structure would be movable and there would be enough space for both accommodation purposes and lecture halls.
The main idea is to make a moving building (boat) with spaces for studying about the Amazon nature and at the same time it can be used by tourists. The building itself could stop at a certain place, which can be a topic of a lecture. This could be a very effective method of teaching because theoretical and practical aspect are only few meters away. Furthermore, visitor and tourists could leave the "boat" and enter the forest if necessary. Every visitor should enjoy nature without disturbing it at the same time.

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