Nature Observatory of Amazonia

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UFSM;ESUDA / br Brazil
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Gabriel Canabarra
Gabriel Queiróz

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The project runs along a 9 miles route into the forest. Such paths occurs in platforms elevated from the ground level, allowing free passage for animals. Thus, the observatory mimics itself on the landscape, unlike what happens in zoos, not attracting animals or creating articial microenvironments. Therefore, the linear trail was designed aiming to lead visitor to explore and observe the raw nature, as it really is.

To the needs, the location of the project occured by choosing an area that offer different possibilities for architectural exploration: between a temporary lake, formed by variations in the level of Amazon River, and along a tributary, Jutuarana stream. The concept of sustainability arises in this location option. The
observatory is about 30 km from Manaus, a regional metropolis that supports the project, however, it is not inserted in the urban context, to explore and preserve its environmental potentiality. Socially, for the riverside community of Jutuarana, close to the site, the design allows the generation of employment and income by
the exploration of eco-tourism.

As told previously, the design was based on non-aggression to the environment in which it is inserted and reduction of energy use, complementing the sustainable nature of the project. Mimicry is used to do not drastically inuence the landscape, as well as its fauna and natural resources. In summary, the project seeks sustainability through its passivity in various aspects.

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