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The project pretends to become an active agent in the rehabilitation of destroyed rainforest areas. Small areas of the forest destroyed by locals or the lumber industry become a wound that often act as catalysator for further destruction on a bigger scale. The proposal aims to set up a network of interventions that recover the damaged patches of rainforest with the support of tourism. Our concept is not to plant a monument, but an organic structure that changes as does the setting around it, actively interacting with it. Visitors will not only be able to experience the ecosystem of the untouched Amazon, but also learn about its fragility and destruction and the possible ways to act against it.

The observatory, built with simple, accesible materials in relationship with the building tradition of the area and the craftmanship of its inhabitants, takes advantage of the existing or abandoned trunks for its construction, stopping the erosion of the fragile soil. It becomes a patch fot these wounded areas, an enormous spider web to be progressively taken over by the nature. Its constructive elements, textile fibers and ropes, will decompose slowly in the natural cycle that is natural to the environment, adding rich nutrients to the ground for a faster recovery. Once one deforestated area has been regenerated, a new observatory can be built int the next destroyed area in a nomadic scheme.

Architectonically, the superposition of the layers acts as a filter of light, generating micro ecosystems with different qualities as they exist in the rainforest where the flora and fauna can settle. In their itinerary, the visitors will discover the many interacting biotopes that make up the complex ecosystem of the Amazon and the transition from a destroyed ecosystem to a natural one with its recovery as narrative scheme.

The social fact is considered extremely relevant, as it is the need for sustain that leads empoverished locals to deforest for cultivating or logging purposes. In the construction and maintenance locals will be employed, thus offering them the opportunity to participate in an activity with economic profits as well as in coexistence with the forest. It can also act as a shelter for the many nomadic indigenous tribes in the territory and thereby become a meeting point for the visitor, the locals and indigenous people. It pursues the concept that the conservation of the Amazon, as a natural and human habitat, can only be achieved through a beneficial interaction of both of them. The Amazon is nature and mankind, and only through this understanding a sustainable future can be achieved.

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