Nature Observatory of Amazonia

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NOA - 1243
University of Belgrade / rs Serbia
4 members
Dejan Pavlović
Dragana Pantelić
Maja  Nikolic
Darko Pavicevic

Our aim was to design architecture which does not distort the image of the Amazon rain forest as a natural environment. Therefore, our architecture exists in outer world only in the form of trace - like the light, by which looms some phenomenon. Trace is any visible or invisible material change occurred at the place where passed some appearance. We don’t know where they came from, where they go and why they left. Trace is the elegant spatial phenomena. The elegance that is essential-internal, not external. The point lies in its structural nature.
That way, project enabled users the contact with an infinite underwater world. However, we also left the possibility for understanding the outside world through the promenade, which creates the impression of walking on or through the Amazon water.

Key words: trace, light, underwater, water promenade

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