Nature Observatory of Amazonia

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Guglielmo Federico Antonio Brunetti

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The chosen project area is in the Loreto region, near the city of Iquitos, Perù. The “Reserva Nacional Allpahuayo-Mishana” is home to the natural observatory which is located along the Rio Nanay, and respects the natural landscape. Although the location is near the city which provides useful infrastructure and obvious advantages (airport, hotels, shops...) it is immersed in the characteristic wild natural surroundings.
The idea springs from the desire not to violate the natural surroundings and to provide a sustainable environment. The basic modules which have been chosen for the observatory recall the indigenous dwellings and thanks to the elevated central structure allow an excellent view of the countryside. This also means that the structures are totally immersed in the vegetation. At one and the same time no damage is done to the environment and the observer has an uninterrupted view. From the welcoming point via the pier it is possible to follow the river by boat and begin the period of observation. From the river itself it is possible to reach well-structured tunnels, almost covered paths, which lead off into the natural environment without being invasive and indeed they merge wonderfully into the surroundings. The bird observatory is reached at the end of the pathway. The bird observatory, similar to a tree full of birds nests, is reflected in the water and offers the chance to appreciate the flora and fauna at the same time.
The materials used are all found in the area and are eco-sustainable: earthen bricks for the walls, bamboo for the outer and inner covering, granite for the giant water lilies. To guarantee the solidity of the entire structure, the framework, adequately protected, has been built in concrete. The construction is provided with solar panels which exploit the available natural resources and are capable of satisfying all energy needs. The giant water lily, "Victoria Amazonica", is reproduced in large green granite vases which seem to float on the water and support the steel structure of the pier concealed by the bamboo.

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