Nature Observatory of Amazonia

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Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla / es Spain
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Luis Fernando  Arias Benitez

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Edificios Públicos

The Natural Observatory of Amazonas is projected near
Leticia (Colombia), in St.Rose Island.
To know the wild nature and life of the river is required a location which is hardly touched by civilization but it must be near from a social point, that’s why we choose this emplacement.

To appreciate the Amazonas, it is proposed a metaphor with the magic way that García Márquez used to observe the world. Realism and magic were mixed up through his eyes and resulted in his literature. That is the reason why it is projected a Center which entrance pavilion invites to observe. This pavilion is constituted by its half eye form in the riverside (reality) which is completed with its reflection in the Amazonian water (illusion). The metaphor of the eye and sight of García Márquez helped to conceive the center to observe the Amazonas.
Through a wood footbrigde which starts in the entrance pavilion we can access to different wooden modules that have reflective glass walls as the city which José Arcadio Buendía dreamed, reflecting the jungle to blend with the surroundings and the environment.
The different uses that we have in the complex are:

1. Entrance Pavilion: Main entrance, Natural Observation walkway,
projection room, observation room, exhibition room, stores,
reception point, laboratories, biologist and scientific staff offices

2. Wooden modules: Natural Observation spaces in the ground floor and first floor, services points in ground floor

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