Nature Observatory of Amazonia

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University IUAV of Venice / it Italy
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Enrico Dalla Pietà

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The founding will of the project is identified in the research and creation of spaces immersed in nature, completely self-sufficient and with a low environmental impact.
The intervention system is composed by a main centre that functions as a visitors centre and that leads a varied and variable set of multiple cells (modules for work and observation purposes), temporary and indipendent, immersed in the natural background in order to map the amazonian biome, because only through knowledge and education we'll be able to better protect such a rich, complex and fragile environment.
The development of the knowledge aquired on the territory and its transmission to the public is a fundamental part of the whole system.
The cells will then have both a scientific funcion, with the classification of new species and study of the environment, and a tourist function, to better make the visitors understand what would be a proper contact with the nature of this planet's lung.
The variability of the environments and the annual or biannual transfer of the cells along the river will allow an always different visit to those who will want to visit the system.
In this way, by not remaining fixated on a location for too long, the various cells will have a reduced impact within the insertion zones and a contact with the context that will be deep, precise and also light and temporary.

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