Nature Observatory of Amazonia

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NOA1110 - The observating line

NOA - 1110
Université Catholique de Louvain LOCI - SIte de Tournai Saint-Luc / be Belgium
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Alexandre Nowicki

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Edificios Públicos

This attitude is close to the scientistic anatomists’ way of mind. To understand human body, they speculate from its skin but they don’t end to this. To satisfy their own curiosity, they take their scalpel and incise. On skin’s surface, a line is drawn and becomes the way to penetrate the mysteries of human’s body. This line we draw through Amazonia is, to it, similar. The line becomes a privileged point of view on amazonian fauna and flora.

A Nature Observatory of Amazonia is extremely stimulating. It has to be an interactive space with what this forest holds. Yet, we know few things about it. However, we presume that we can find very rare trees, insects or animals. Usually, we have a vaguely picture of it. Sometimes, our imagination can be fed with those uncountable aerial views, showing this forest as a huge impenetrable foam-carpet but it makes it even more distant. Then, we want to establish a close relationship with this forest, what it holds and ourselves. That’s why we need an exploration tool. That’s why is deployed an infrastructure as a linear addition of frames which creates a path but not only. Its dimensions are made to insert everything that can be useful to the full-immersed researchers in forest, such as laboratories, housing… These features can be set all along the line that the infrastructure creates, following researches’ progression and movements toward amazonian’s meanders.

Another use seems to be fundamental, the one that animals, plants and insects shall find. We think that this structure can set a new common space. Structure’s absolute geometry contrasts with forest’s organicity and then constitute an unusualness. Like kubrickian’s monolith, it can arouse fear, curiosity and finally familiarity, familiar enough to allow appropriation. A lot of benefits can be found with this appropriation. Besides this structure shall become a coexistence space, it also shall become a natural habitat. It implies that we shall not only observe animals themselves but most of all, their natural behaviour.

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