Nature Observatory of Amazonia

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Universidade Federal da Paraíba / br Brazil
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Freed Gomes

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Amazon river as a huge and appropriated waterway, is now explored in terms of the proposed site of the observatory. The river permeates the entire Amazon territory, and so an itinerant structure to receive the observatory, using this magnificent river as its host, was understood as the most appropriate solution.
The architectural program is distributed in a mixed use structure for visitors, scientists, and exhibits in an Amazon river “Chata” ferry. The “Chata” is typically used for many purposes, and is the most common commodity transportation device in the region.
Based on a reflection about the relationship between nature and society, where nowadays nature is almost imprisoned by men, the NATURE OBSERVATORY OF AMAZONIA proposes to reverse these rolls. It becomes a place where people will arrive to be hosted by nature, on its own way.
Formally, the cage like structure, acts at the same time as a skin where instead of finding birds inside it, we can find a place to observe and be amazed by nature, in a reciprocal action. This structure, where we voluntarily put ourselves into cages, is called: the INVERSE CAGE.

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