Nature Observatory of Amazonia

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NOA - 1074
Istanbul Technical University / tr Turkey
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Kaan Karabagli

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The concept of the design is experiencing the amazon river and forest. The Narrative is for the users (the tourists) to enter the complex by the river and in each step to experience something new. The form of the designs navigates the users and displays them a new view point in each step.

The design of the nature observatory relates to users movements by navigating them to different spaces. These spaces are created through the forms of the buildings. Not only buildings but also a design of a ramp which lets the users observe the amazon through a different height. Another design is the path that is letting the users get inside the forest and observe. This Path has different stop points where the users can take time to observe and take pictures of the nature.

The logic is observing the nature as close as possible. Also, the designs let the users to have their pictures taken with the amazing view of the amazon. There are 3 separate buildings. The narrative of these buildings is giving an idea and information about the nature and life at the amazon.

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