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NOA-1327_A Tribe Called Quest

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There remain around 77 tribes in Brazil. Here is a new one.

How can a tribe of scientists and visitors integrate the wild Amazonian nature ?
The project explores the vernacular architecture of Amazonia, concentrating on the three essential characteristics of a tribe :

1. Create centers, rooms, hierachy in the tribe

The program consists in buildings which are :
_1 belvedere wich goes higher than the surrounding trees
_1 exposition/living space used for exhibitions (+ tropical greenhouse on top)
_3 houses (2 for visitors and 1 for scientists which contain 4 studios)
_1 restaurant area for both visitors and scientists (+ green roof to grow vegetables)
_1 storage for food and beverage
_1 shelter for people waiting for the ship

Those buildings are organized around 3 main areas :
_a top floor used for outside exhibitions and recreational areas
_a middle floor which could be used as a terrace for the restaurant and as a market place for local populations
_a bottom floor used as a pontoon for ships

2. Developp its own identity through architecture

The project explodes the traditional shape of a tribe in order to rebuild a “moving landscape” able to connect the ground and the sky, the river and the canopy. Scientists and visitors become completly part of the whole nature.

All the diversity of the flora and the fauna can be observed, touched from the metal skeleton. Each step you climb brings you closer to the bright sky or immerses you in the dark forest.

3. Use local, resistant and easily transportable materials

In the heart of Amazonia, the site of the Natural Observatory is far from factories and hardly accesssible. The project integrates this technical constraint by designing a building made of modular metal elements, which can be easily transported by ship and then assembled on site.

All those elements constitute a sustainable and self-sufficient project, able to bear all unfriendly aspects of Amazonia.

Finaly, the reinterpretation of vernacular architecture helps us to create a new kind of tribe in complete immersion in Amazonia.

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